Fishing Trips on the Absolute

The waters off of Nantucket have a variety of species from May to October with striped bass and bluefish being the most common species.

2 ½ Hour Trips:
Bluefish are the primary target of this trip and we guarantee that the boat will catch bluefish or the trip is free! We will occasionally catch striped bass on these trips but we do not make any guarantees. This trip usually takes you off the shores of Coatue or Great Point and we usually can get you close to the seals. The length of this trip makes it ideal for families with young children. This trip is great for inexperienced anglers who want to enjoy their time on the water and hook into a feisty bluefish

5 Hour Trips:
If you have your heart set on catching the prized striper, then we recommend the five hour trips. The best places to catch striper require a longer travel time which is why we cannot target this species on the shorter trip. On this trip, we also cross some of the prized bottom fishing areas which allows us to also target yummy fluke, sea bass and sand sharks. Depending on the interests of the fisherman and time of the year, we have the ability to make this a multispecies experience. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to fight some of the bigger “gator” bluefish on these trips.

All-Day (8 Hours):
This trip is designed for the off-shore species such as bluefin tuna and shark. This is the trip to challenge your angling skills. If its shark, then you will have your shot at blue sharks, thresher sharks and mako sharks typically ranging from 50lbs to 400 lbs. We travel 15 to 25 miles off-shore to target these sea monsters. If its tuna, then we will travel 20 to 30 miles off-shore to target these species. Get your arms ready!

Harbor Cruises:
We also offer evening cruises in the harbor for events such as July 4th fireworks and the Pops. We have room for up to 28 passengers so come have a party on the Absolute and leave the driving to us.