the captain

Capt Brian Borgeson
the captain

Captain Brian Borgeson and his girlfriend Valerie Molina

Captain Brian Borgeson
and his girlfriend Valerie Molina

Captain Brian Borgeson is the owner/operator of the business. He holds a Coast Guard 100 Ton Masters license and has been plying the waters off of Nantucket as a captain and a mate for 15 years. As a native of Wayland, Massachusetts, Brian has spent his entire life fishing and clamming the shores of the Commonwealth. As a result, Brian has extensive experience catching the many fish species found in our Nantucket waters. He began his Nantucket fishing career working as a mate on both recreational and commercial fishing boats. He then rose to captain of the Absolute in 2003 and purchased the business from Captain Dave Martin in 2005 thereby continuing the excellent fishing tradition started by Captain Martin in 1981. In the off-season, Brian plies the waters of Nantucket harbor as a commercial scalloper. Whether it’s a 6 pound bluefish or a 300 pound mako shark, Brian is passionate about making sure clients, young and old, have the experience of their Nantucket vacation. Just check out the pictures!

Brian takes great pride in running the most family friendly charter boat on the dock. He is especially patient with young children because nobody knows better what its like to reel-in their first bluefish or striper and he enjoys instilling the passion for fishing at an early age. You will know this when he comes down from the bridge to give a few high fives! Captain Brian is one of the main reasons why families make a fishing trip on the Absolute a part of their Nantucket vacation year in and year out. Brian always has room up on the bridge to help kids learn the ways of the seas off of Nantucket.